Hello, I'm Andy Jones and below are some brief summaries of the tuition I offer. Scroll down for contact details.
I shall not be increasing prices in 2024.


I have been teaching electric and acoustic guitar, both privately and in schools, since 1988. Over those years the categories of learning have broadly fallen into the following:

  • Getting started
  • Following a graded course (guitar, bass and now ukulele).
  • Developing technique/getting out of a rut.
  • Learning a specific genre such as blues, rock, indie, country et al

All you need is some enthusiasm and an instrument. If you are just starting out then either electric or acoustic guitar is fine as the fundamentals are broadly the same.

If you are thinking of buying an instrument then please use a local store as instruments, like cars, need servicing from time to time.

I supply the learning materials for lessons, although those studying for a grade do benefit from owning the relevant course book.

5 String Banjo

I offer a grounding in bluegrass banjo playing. We would study correct technique and apply this to learning classic bluegrass songs and riffs. We would also look at a wider use of chords and scales as well as some melodic ideas to encourage a broad approach to the instrument.

Newcomers to bluegrass banjo playing should be aware that good quality picks can make quite a difference. I use ProPik and I particularly like the
ProPik Good Grips Metal-Plastic Thumb Pick, although it's a personal preference. The bluegrass style really revolves around picking patterns that are executed evenly and consistently, so a little experimentation with picks can be worthwhile.

Audio Examples of Classic Banjo Tunes

Jesse James

Cripple Creek

Old Joe Clarke

I'll Fly Away


Ukulele has become hugely popular amongst children and adults alike. The instrument may be learned just for fun or with a view to taking graded exams (currently up to grade 5).

I endeavour to teach students not just chords and melodies, but how the instrument may be played as a solo entity combining various elements for a more fulfilling, if challenging, experience.

The instrument comes in a variety of sizes. The soprano is the tiny instrument that has become ubiquitous. However, the tenor ukulele is somewhat larger and many older children as well as adults find this size far easier to play. It's worth noting that the grade 4 and 5 pieces would be pretty tricky on the soprano.

As you would expect, the tenor has a slightly deeper tone.

Audio Examples of Picked Ukulele Tunes (both using a tenor uke)

Ukulele Blues

Chord Study

A Soprano Uke Solo in a Country Rock Track


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Mobile: 07786 230818